The opportunity for farming


     Farming Salentein’s core business is focused on livestock and agriculture. Livestock farming includes steer breeding, rearing and fattening under different production systems; Salentein is a complete cycle livestock producer. These activities are carried out in highly appreciated areas such as the provinces of Entre Rios and Corrientes.

     As regards agricultural activities, Salentein develops 6,000 hectares of owned lands (lands for agriculture and livestock production) and rents more than 20,000 hectares in the country's most productive areas. 

     Today, Farming Salentein manages 50,000 head of cattle, Angus and Braford, the breeds with which the company works. Medium-term plans consider moving towards a Braford Cuartino (crossbreed), an animal with great hardiness necessary for its development in northern fields, Entre Rios and Corrientes. Bullocks destined for slaughter are not only traded on the domestic market, but also exported.